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Pathology SUH - Department of Pathology, Stavanger University Hospital (Associated Participant)

The department of Pathology at the Stavanger University Hospital was founded in 1978 and is the only pathology department in the whole district of Rogaland. As all inhabitants of Norway are traceable by a unique identifier, the material (more than one millions paraffin blocks, and fresh frozen tissues) that has been stored since that time have become a priceless treasure for retrospective studies on predictive and prognostic markers. Paraffin blocks are used for research at DNA / mRNA / microRNA and protein level and combined with data from quantitative pathology and quantitative immunohistochemistry. Our main focus is on gynecological, breast and bladder cancer. Major discoveries are the fact that proliferation is the dominant prognostic/predictive characteristic in node negative breast cancer, the D-score predicts progression in endometrial hyperplasia/neoplasia, the significance of quantitative biomarkers to predict regression and progression in cervical neoplasia and that a Monotonous Population of Elongated Cells (MPECS), Survivin and h-TERT are strongly predictive for metachronous cancer in colorectal adenomas.
Techniques used for both diagnostics and research include; laser microdissection, MSI, LOH, capillary sequencing, rtPCR, clonality testing, DNA in situ hybridization by FISH and CISH, microRNA hybridization, quantitative IHC, quantitative pathology, DNA-ploidy analyis by image cytometry, Confocal laser microscopy, electrochemiluminensce.

Department of Pathology, Stavanger University Hospital (Associated Participant)

  Emiel Janssen