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Bonin Serena

Many laboratories in Europe use different technical protocols in molecular analysis in archive's tissues with long but different experiences. Task2.1-The main objective of this actio [read more]
Molecular methods for archive's tissues analysis, especially for RNA, are still confined to specialized laboratories. The aim of this action is also to diffuse the validated and standardized [read more]
Task4.1-New fixation procedures were recently developed to shorten the time of histopathology diagnoses, these methods have shown also a major improvement in nucleic acids and protein preservation [read more]
There are not common bioethics rules in European countries for the research use of human tissues and this is complicated by the "subsidiarity principle". The objective is to discuss an [read more]
Task 6.1- A very large number of tissues specimens with any kind of diseases are present in the pathology archives of any European hospital. This is a very valuable material for molecular research [read more]
T7.1-Protein expression in archive's tissues can be studied by IHC and tissue arrays, but also by protein extraction as shown recently by European scientists involved in the action, directly [read more]