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Hôpital Beaujon - CNRS -Université Paris 7 - Hôpital Beaujon

Prof. Pierre Bedossa
Technical and scientific expertise: The department of pathology of Hopital Beaujon (Clichy, France) and the Research Unit on Liver Physiopathology (CNRS UMR 8149) are leading research projects on molecular mechanisms in regulation of liver fibrogenesis and early genetic events in liver carcinogenesis in human and rodent models. Technical and scientific expertises are focused on proteomic (SELDI-TOF), molecular pathology (LCMicrodissection), and different functional genetic approaches (Q-RT-PCR, SiRNA, clonal analysis)

Experienced researchers: Prof. Pierre Bedossa, Head of the Unit-pathologist; Valerie Paradis, MD, PhD : pathologist, senior researcher (RT-PCR, Experimental models, liver cell isolation and primary culture); Delphine Dargere PhD : Research ingenieur (SELDI-TOF, LCM, clonal analysis).

CNRS -Université Paris 7 - Hôpital Beaujon