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Dr. Franco Visinoni
Milestone, an Italian corporation active since 1988 in the field of advanced microwave technology applied to analytical and organic chemistry applications.
Over 25 international patents are the result of our know-how in the field of microwave technology.
Since 1994 Milestone has established a Medical Division for the transfer of the know-how from the analytical to the histotechnology field.
The innovation resulting from this transferring is an advanced line of manual and automated microwave enhanced tissue processors, microwave equipment for rapid electron microscopy sample preparation and digital imaging systems for the grossing room.
Milestone has recently developed an innovative formalin- free fixative, called FineFix formulated to enhanced fixation without the disadvantages of the formalin.
Thanks to its low level of toxicity, optimal H&E, IHC and histochemical staining and optimal recovery of DNA/RNA, FineFix is the ideal fixative for routine histological applications and molecular analysis. -European Patent EP 1455 174 B1 of December 15th 2004 on “Fixative”; -European Patent EP 0822 403 B1 of July 29th 1998 on “Process for processing organic specimen”; -US Patent 6,042,874 of March 28th 2000 on “Process for processing organic specimen”
Milestone s.r.l. personnel:
  • Franco Visinoni President of Company. He is degree in Industrial Chemistry. He establish in Bergamo (Italy) the Company FKV Corporation one of the leading scientific suppliers in Italy. In 1990 he founded Milestone Microwave Laboratory System and expanded the company up to make it the technological leader in the field of microwave instrumentation for analytical applications like Digestion, Moisture, Ashing and Extraction
  • Marco Bellini Milestone Medical division manager. He is degree in Industrial Electonic. He started in Milestone in 1998 for Quality control assurance. Since 2003 he is in charge for the R&D dept. of the Medical line for development of new microwave units for Histology and Pathology. Now he is in charge for R&D, sales and production of the Medical division.
  • Dott. Sara Bucchioni: (experienced researcher). She is a biologist, specialized in biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Research and genetics. She worked in both bio-molecular and genetic laboratories, employing the most diffuse and innovative protocols for DNA, RNA and protein studies. Now, she is involved in this Project as bio-molecular Specialist of Milestone-Medical Division, with the aim extend the main demonstrated benefit of the formalin-free tissue fixation with FineFIX coupled to the microwave processing, from the histological also to the bio-molecular analysis, in particular for trascriptomic and proteomic studies.
  • Dott. Gianluca Micheletti: (experienced researcher). He is degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology. He experienced in oncology basic research fields with application of immunohistochemical techniques. In Milestone he is employed as Application Specialist for the Medical Line. In this Project he will perform tests on the new microwave processor that will be use in molecular analysis of tissues after FineFIX fixation.

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