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UNIVER - University of Verona

Prof. Aldo Scarpa
A- technical/scientific expertise:
                genetic/molecular analysis of pancreatic and gastric tumors
                DNA microarray analysis for gene expression profiling
                high-throughput RT-PCR for analysis of gene expression levels
                construction of tissue arrays for high-throughput immunohistochemistry
                high-throughput genotyping
                high-throughput DNA sequence analysis
creation of in vivo tumors models by xenotransplantation
proteome analysis of primary tumors and cell lines
Facilities and equipment available at the laboratory of Pathology at Verona: Molecular biology facilities, with 4 automatic sequencers (ABI Prism 3130 16-capillary, 2 ABI PRISM 310, and 1 ABI PRISM 377), Biomek 2000 automated pipetting station (Beckman); b) Cell culture facilities; c) ABI Prism 7000 SDS for real-time PCR; d) ABI Prism 7900HT SDS for real-time PCR complete with microfluidic card; e) ScanArray 5000 system with QuantArray Microarray Analysis software (Packard BioChip Technologies); f) microarray hybridization station (Lucidea, Pharmacia); g) tissue array construction device (Beecher Instruments); Qiagen semi-automated system for high-throughput extraction of nucleic acids; h) Protean IEF-System and Fluor-S Multimager (BioRad); i) Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer Automated Analysis System (Lab on a Chip).
Experienced researchers: Prof. Aldo Scarpa, team leader; Dr. Patrick Moore, experienced researcher; Dr. Stefania Beghelli, early researcher; Dr. Samantha Bersani, early researcher.

University of Verona