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Pathology Ibk - Institute of Pathology Medical University of Innsbruck

Prof. Gregor Mikuz
Approximately 25000 paraffin embedded oncological probes were collected since 1974 in the archive at the Institute of Pathology on the Medical University Innsbruck. These includes biopsy specimens, surgical resection probes and an increased extent of autopsy material. We have focussed the oncological research on malignancies of the urogenital tract, on breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphomas and sarcomas.
In 1/2006 an interdisciplinary oncoscience project will start at the Medical University of Innsbruck for three years to connect basic research with pathology, clinical treatment and tumor registry. Therefore we establish a tissue bank from fresh frozen oncological probes at the Institute of Pathology. The financial support about 1 Mil Euro will be given from a Austrian scientific foundation and the Tyroler Landeskrankenanstalten. 450 000,- Euro were necessary for technical equipment and 550 000,- Euro for personal costs. The team of the fresh tissue bank consists of two pathologists, two biologists and two medical assistants. The aim of this tumor bank is a better molecular characterization of the different tumor types and to accelerate the transfer of knowledge from basic sciences into the individual oncological treatment.

Institute of Pathology Medical University of Innsbruck